Tuesday, 23/04/2019, 23:55
Hey everyone! To play online again, open "netdefault.cfg" (with e.g. notepad) and simply change the master server's IP to "".

You can also download the edited file from GamerZone:
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Hey! Today ive figured out how to make the chat work.. and guess what, it works! its in the left of here!
<--- so try it out!

oh and in the end i did get my questions answered, but they werent helpful at all. Big pity, uCoz.. great way to make your own site, but when you run into trouble your on your own...
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All forums are added now, so start posting straight away and if you havent registered yet, DO IT! :P
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Not much progress today since ive been away most of the day. I have fixed the logo, though, also ive posted some questions on the uCoz forums. Im expecting the answers im looking for in a few days.

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Your CrashdayCenter is now up 'n running! Make sure to registrate to stay up to date!

Today ive been working on the basic stuff of the site, i hope you like it so far.

And tomorrow ill be working on the forums, adding some sections, forums, topics and posts...

Stay tuned and feel free to leave a message!

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